The 4 strenghts of a dishwasher

The dishwasher is using four effective actions to clean the dishes very thoroughly. The combination of all these actions gives the best result to make the dishes shiny and hygienic clean.


Enzymes and oxygen-based bleaching agents in the dishwashing tab and powder are dissolving and removing dirt and bacteria.


A standard dishwashing program is long enough to clean the dishes, especially to remove oil film on the dish surfaces. Even in a short program the cleaning process is longer then washing up with hands.

eliminates bacteria


The temperature in the dishwasher is high enough to kill the bacteria (>99,9%) in combination with the detergent. It is always higher then by washing up, because our hands cannot stand too much heat. This is especially important for washing dishes used by small children and people with health problems.



The rotating movement of the spray arm rinses the whole surface of the dishes many times with a strong water jet to detach the dirt from the surface. The filter system is cleaning the water constantly.

If you miss one of the mentioned actions, probably your dishes won’t be perfectly clean. So please pay attention to the work of your dishwasher and read the user manual to use it correctly. The high quality dishwashing detergent PureQ is designed to support the work of all kinds of dishwashing machines in the best possible way.

Warme tipps


Serve your meal on a perfect clean dish.

Enjoy the pure taste of  the food.

Care of what you eat and care of your dishes.


The special active formula of the PureQ tab removes the dirt and smell completely.

The bacteria are removed thoroughly.

Remains of food and detergent disappear during rinsing.


The dishes are shiny and pure clean.

PureQ high quality protects your dishes.

Enjoy your next meal with all senses.