WE answer all your questions


1) How to store PureQ cleaning products?

Store the products dry, avoid hot temperatures and keep them out of reach of children.

2) How to use PureQ All in One tabs?

Use one tablet per wash.

Put one piece into the detergent compartment.
If there is no special compartment, place the tablet next to the filter on the bottom of the dishwasher.
No need to remove the transparent foil covering the tablet. It is water-soluble.

Make sure that all items can be safely cleaned using a dishwasher. Avoid overlapping of dishes.
Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions when placing your dishes and cutlery inside the dishwasher.
It is recommended to use PureQ rinse aid and special salt to achieve the best cleaning and drying result.

3) How to use PureQ rinse aid?

PureQ rinse aid is used in a special container normally located on the inner door of your dishwasher. It is marked with a specific sign, described in the manufacturer’s instruction.

Add PureQ dishwasher rinse aid if:

  1. the dishwasher is used for the first time
  2. the rinse aid refill indicator lights up
  3. the optical indicator on your rinse aid container is showing low level

Fill the PureQ rinse into the special compartment up to the maximum level, indicated in the refill area.

During the washing program PureQ rinse aid is automatically released by the dishwasher.

4) Why does it happen that pieces of a dishwasher tab remain on the bottom of the dishwasher?
  1. The tablet may be trapped in the washed dishes, causing it to fail to contact enough water to dissolve it. Please refer to your manufacturer’s instruction how to place the dishes. The use of PureQ powder tabs in water-soluble foil prevents this problem. The film dissolves very quickly and the powder is distributed in the machine in a short time.
  2. In case of very short washing programs the tablet does not have enough time to dissolve. We recommend to use PureQ powder detergent.
  3. Your dispenser unit may be malfunctioning. If the problem persists, please contact your local dishwasher service.
5) How does the PureQ rinse aid work?

During the last rinse phase PureQ rinse aid is distributed in the water. It is reducing the surface tension of the water, causing the water to drain off completely during the drying phase.

6) Are the PureQ products free of gluten?


7) Does the PureQ detergent have any residue? Is it harmful to the human body?

1. First, the detergent is washed in the dishwasher in hundreds of times, and the amount of residue is minimal.
2. Research on the residues of detergents and machine wash detergents in Germany show:
Both residues are harmless to the human body;
Machine washing detergent residue is lower than hand washing residue.

8) Do PureQ products contain animal ingredients?


9) Is this product biodegradable?