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PureQ is the international brand for cleaning agents for household, fabrics and dishes.

German Engineering

German Engineering

With an experience of more than 30 years in Laundry and Dish care products, our engineers are developing the right products for the global customer needs.

European Production

European Production

The PureQ products are Made in Europe Continuous improvement processes, as well as regular qualification audits, ensure reliable product performance and safety.

International sucess

International Success

Our special PureQ products are developed and produced in Europe. We serve the global market. Dedicated products have been designed for the needs of the emerging markets in Asia and Russia

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High performance

Based on the Know How about the appliance, the chemistry and the regional customer habits, PureQ products show outstanding performance and meet the highest quality standard

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PureQ products contain the best quality and the least quantity of chemical ingredients to minimize the impact to the environment. Our global customers confirm and appreciate this approach.

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PureQ gives you a high quality product from Europe for a good price, well cleaning and protecting your dishes.

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PureQ_23_Plastic Pouch Packaging

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